Parallel Session II


Venue  : Aryaduta Hotel, Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia

Room  : B

Time    : 13.30 – 17.45

Chair   : Fri Murdiya




Title & Authors

13.30 – 13.45

Application of Membrane Technology for Water Treatment in Coastal Region : Preparation and Classification

Jhon Armedi Pinem, and Edi Saputra

13.45 – 14.00

Water Level Measurement System with Gray-Coded Linear Encoder

Budhi Anto, Tutut Herawan, Dian Yayan Sukma, Suwitnoand Kiki Harpandila

14.00 – 14.15

Culturing of Chlorella sp. with Different of Iron (Fe3+) Concentration in Bold’s Basal Medium for Healthy and Nutritious Cookies

Dian Iriani, Orasa Suriyaphan, Nittaya Chaiyanate, Bustari Hasan, Sumarto

14.15 – 14.30

Phylogenetic Study of Mangifera Central Sumatra Based on rbcL Sequences

Fitmawati, Erwina Juliantari, and Nery Sofiyanti

14.30 – 14.45

Development Incentive Program at Carbon Trading Activity  in  KPHP Tasik Besar Serkap

Emy Sadjati, Muhammad Ikhwan and Ambar Tri Ratnaningsih

14.45 – 15.00

Comparison of Random Forest Algorithm Which Implemented on Object and Pixel Based Classification for Mangrove Land Cover Mapping

Romie Jhonnerie, Vincentius P. Siregar and Bisman Nababan

15.00 – 15.15

The Quality Test of Refill Drinking Water in Batam Viewed From Bacteriology and Physical

Hazimah and Nurlinda Ayu Triwuri

15.15 – 15.30

Pharmaceuticals Wastewater Purification with Aerobic Granulation in Sequencing Batch Reactors

Dimas Pradhasumitra, Arisman Adnan, and Norhayati Abdullah

15.30 – 15.45

Coastline Movement at Meskom Village, Bengkalis District, Riau Province, Indonesia

Rifardi and Chairunisa Rachmani

15.45 – 16.00

Numerical Simulation of Ship Collision to the Quay

Ronad Mangasi Hutauruk and Pareng Rengi

16.00 – 16.15

Analysis of Biomass and Carbon Reserves in Seagrass Ecosystem of Malang Rapat Village Bintan District, Kepulauan Riau Province

Teguh Heriyanto and Bintal Amin

16.15 – 16.30

The ureC Gene Diversity of Soil Bacteria in Tropical Rain Forest and Oil Palm Plantations

Zulfarina, Iman Rusmana, Nisa Rachmania Mubarik, and Dwi Andreas Santosa

16.30 – 16.45

Mitigation of 150 kV Electromagnetics Fields Exposure at Residential Area

Fri Murdiya, Firdaus, Dian Yayan Sukma and Febrizal

16.45 – 17.00

The Analysis of Productivity For Risha And Brikon Panel in Aceh Tengah District

Tani Frisda     

17.00 – 17.15

Prediction For Probability of Fatigue-Related Accident in Motorcyclists

Pada Lumba, Sigit Priyanto, and Imam Muthohar


17.15 – 17.30

Study of Vernacular Coastal Architecture: The Construction of Akit’s House in Rupat Island

Yohannes Firzal, Muhammad Rijal, and Gun Faisal

17.30 – 17.45

Modeling the Feed Sedimentation Rate in Red-Yellow Podzolic Soil Pond for Intensive Patin Fish Farming Based on Rough Neural Network

Gita Sastria, Saberina Hasibuan, Fiza Febriyani, and Elfizar