List of Accepted Papers (Batch I) - For Full Papers Submitting Before August 10, 2016


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Title & Authors

The Effect of Experiential Learning Models on Entrepreneurship Interest on Optical Technology for Students of Akademi Refraksi Optisi Padang

Alvia Wesnita, Muharika Dewi, Surfa Yondri

A New Model Strategic Management in the Knowledge and Networked Innovation Economy Era

Arif Sugiono, Yudith Dyah Hapsari

The Development of Mathematics Learning Devices by Using Problem Based Learning

For Junior High School Students At Class VII Semester I In Coastal Areas

Armis, Suhermi, Susda Heleni

Students Mathematical Reasoning Abilities   X-B Class  In SMA Al-Muslimun Pelalawan Riau Province
Maimunah, Purwanto, Cholis Sa’dijah, Sisworo

The  Development Model of  Active Learning for English Chemistry and Model Effectiveness

Asmadi Muhammmad Noer

Analysis of Biomass and Carbon Reserves in Seagrass Ecosystem of Malang Rapat Village Bintan District, Kepulauan Riau Province

Teguh Heriyanto and Bintal Amin

Water Level Measurement System with Gray-Coded Linear Encoder

Budhi Anto, Tutut Herawan, Dian Yayan Sukma, Suwitnoand Kiki Harpandila

Service Quality Issue in Higher Education

Debby Arisandi

Chemical Properties, Fatty Acid Composition, and Lipid Profiles of Picung (Pangium edule Reinw) Kernel Oil from Riau Province

Dewi Fortuna Ayu, Yaakob Che Man, and Abdul Rohman

The Effects of Process-Genre Approach on EFL Students’ Writing Performance


Analysis of Digital Forensic Evidence on Email Delivery Crime

Evans Fuad, Hasanuddin, Ardi Nugraha and Ramadhani Trikurnia

Strengthening Prospective Teacher of Biology On Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPCK)

Evi Suryawati, and  Yenita Roza

Productive Skills in Authentic Sources: A Supporting Language Program to Anticipate ASEAN Economic Community

Fadly Azhar

Potasium Hydroxide Concentration on The Transformation of Eugenol Into Iso-Eugenol Derived From Coconut Palm Leaf Oil

Faizah Hamzah, Yelmira Zalfiatri

The Chosen Strategies Used by the Students in Coping the Problems of Learning the Four Language Skills, Vocabulary, and Structure at English Department of FKIP Universitas Riau – Indonesia

Fakhri Ras

The Application of Transportation Methods of PT Lion Air by Using Vogel’s Method and Zero Suffix Method

Fitri Maya Puspita, Putra BJ Bangun, and Ayen Ruth Barus

Mitigation of 150 KV Electromagnetics Fields Exposure At Residential Area

Fri Murdiya, Firdaus, Dian Yayan Sukma and Febrizal

The Coal Fly Ash Activity to Control the Brown Planthopper (Nilaparvata lugens)

Hafiz Fauzana, F.X. Wagiman, Edhi Martono

Development of WebGIS Based on Service Oriented Architecture and Cloud Computing

Ibnu Daqiqil Id, Sukamto, and Evfi Mahdiyah

The Expert Systems for Diagnosing Lung Disease And Respiratory Disease By Used Certainty Factor

Jeperson Hutahaean, Yessica Siagian,Rolly Yesputra

Aplication Membrane Technology for Water Treatment in Coastal Region: Preparation and Classification

Jhon Armedi Pinem, and Edi Saputra

Variation of Mass Effect From Coconut Shell Waste Processing For Efficiency Analysis Using Rengginang Singkong Biomass Stove

M. Juandi, KI, Aziziir


Human Capital for Entrepreneurs

Kurnianing Isololipu

How to Reduce Grounding Resistance: Literature Review


Impact of Credit on Farmer Household Welfare In Indonesia

Made Wahyu Adhiputra

Phylogenetic Study of Mangifera Central Sumatera Based On rbcL Sequences

Fitmawati, Erwina Juliantari, and Nery Sofiyanti

The Stability of the Passive Layer on Mild Steel Surface in NaCl, NaOH, HCl, and H2SO4 Solutions Using Carboxymethyl Chitosan as a Corrosion Inhibitor

Maria Erna, Emriadi, Admin Alif and Syukri Arief

Influence of Motivation and Language Learning Environment on the Successful EFL Learning


Application of the Usage Management of Laboratory Unit, Case Study: Laboratory of the Faculty of Agriculture Lancang Kuning University

Nurliana Nasution, Mhd Arief Hasan

Development Incentive Program at Carbon Trading Activity  in  KPHP Tasik Besar Serkap

Emy Sadjati, Muhammad Ikhwan and Ambar Tri Ratnaningsih

Detection of Moving Object on UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) based Segmentation Using Wavelet and Sobel Operator

Muhammad Khaerul Naim Mursalim

Design and Empirical Analysis of Vizualitation Motion and Vector Analysis Program as Interactive Multimedia Physics Learning at Senior High School, Pekanbaru – Riau, Indonesia

Muhammad Nasir

Enhancement of Mathematical Reasoning Ability of Senior High School Students Through Generative Learning In Riau Indonesia

Nahor Murani Hutapea

Porosity Modelling in 3D Seismic Data

Nur Islami

Outlier Detection on Mixed Type Data By Using AVF And Z-Score Algorithm

Nur Rokhman, Yud Karismollah Choir

High Purity Silica from Palm Oil Mill Fly Ash for Catalyst ZSM-5 Zeolite Synthesis

Aman, Panca Setia Utama and Edy Saputra


Pre-service Teachers’ Perception of Democratic Classroom in Teaching Multiplication through Video

Rahmah Johar, Cut Morina Zubainur, Sulastri, Cut Khairunnisak

Implementation of Project Based Learning : Research Overview

Raimon Efendi, Roni Sanjaya

Analysis Structures of Humic Acid of Peat Soil Which is  Having Irreversible Drying Using Liquid Chromatography- Mass Spectroscopy (LC-MS)

Rini Masril

Comparison of Random Forest Algorithm Which Implemented on Object and Pixel Based Classification for Mangrove Land Cover Mapping

Romie Jhonnerie, Vincentius P. Siregar, and Bisman Nababan

Implementation and Effectiveness of Web-Based Learning

Roni Sanjaya, Muhammad Hasmil Adiya, Raimon Efendi

Structure, Conduct, And Performance: Implications For A Cooperative  Marketing  Farmapine Strategy  In  Kualu Nenas Village Riau Province

Roza Yulida, Jum’atri Yusri, Novia Dewi

Optimization of GEL-Based Learning To Improve Quality of the Maternity Nursing Lecture

Sri Utami

Developing Student Worksheet Based on Inquiry in Chemistry Learning Strategic Course

Sri Haryati, Erviyenni

Development a content grabbing using php curl to Read News Online

Syahtriatna Djusar, Zamzami, Elvira Asril, Jeffri Supriatna

Students’ Abilities in Developing Computer-Based Learning Media at Department of Mathematics Education 

Yenita Roza, Syarifah Nur Siregar, and Titi Solfitri

Elpsa Framework in Teaching Integral Using Technology
Rahmah Johar and Siti Hajar